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The perfect guide to the much-anticipated release of Windows 7

The perfect guide to the much-anticipated release of Windows 7

Windows For Dummies is the all-time bestselling guide to the Windows operating system. Windows 7 For Dummies answers all your questions about the interface adjustments and all the new tools in Windows 7.

Whether you’re new to computers or just eager to start using the newest version of Windows, expert author Andy Rathbone will walk you step by step through the most common Windows 7 tasks, including managing files, applications, media, and Internet access. If you’ve never used Windows before, it shows you the things most books assume you already know, like how to navigate the interface, customize the desktop, and work with the file system. Then it helps you get comfortable using all aspects of Windows 7.

  • Nearly ninety percent of the world’s PCs use the Windows operating system
  • Covers basic management of applications, files, and data; creating and printing documents; setting up an Internet connection and e-mail account; and online security
  • Explores using Windows to edit and manage audio, video, and photo files, and how to create CDs, DVDs, and playlists with Media Center
  • Helps you tweak and customize Windows 7 to operate your way and set up user accounts, build a home network, and maintain your PC
  • Provides troubleshooting advice, helps you find missing files and use the Help system, and explains common error messages

Windows 7 For Dummies will have you up and running on the newest version of Windows quickly and easily.

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Everything You Need to Master Windows 7

Windows 7 – the much-anticipated update to Microsoft’s operating system. Written in easy-to-understand language, these guides published by Wiley India will take you through tasks such as managing files, applications, media and accessing the Internet. Whether you are a visual learner, a senior, or just like to learn all the tricks and secrets first — Wiley has all the resources you need to learn the ins and outs of Windows 7.

The all-time bestselling reference on the Windows operating system, this updated edition of Windows 7 for Dummies covers all the interface adjustments and new tools that have gotten everyone excited about Windows 7. This guidebook will have you up and running on the newest version of Windows quickly and easily.

The Windows 7 Bible, is written by bestselling Windows author and Microsoft MVP Jim Boyce, and delivers a completely revamped Windows reference, covering all three aspects of the new platform – the core OS, Windows Live Essentials, and Windows Live Services. This step-by-step guide covers every conceivable topic from A-Z and is packed with practical techniques and tips for users of all levels.

Cutting through the hype while explaining how things works, what’s new and different, and how to best optimize the new OS for your needs and wants, the new Windows 7 Secrets is written by internationally recognized Windows experts and Microsoft insiders. Authors Paul Thurrott and Rafael Rivera help the reader focus on what he needs to know: what’s new and different, little-known facts on how things work, and how one can modify Windows 7 to meet specific needs.

Must-have book for any Java programmer

SCJP: Sun Certified Programmer for Java Platform Study Guide: SE6 (Exam CX-310-065)

Richard F. Raposa

ISBN: 9788126520404

Paperback/576 pages/INR 499

March 2009


Sun’s foundation-level Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) for Standard Edition 6 is a must-have for any Java programmer, and is a prerequisite for Sun’s specialty certifications. This resource is essential preparation for the SCJP and focuses heavily on the skill set that Sun expects its SCJPs to have, with numerous examples, exercises, and real-world scenarios to give readers the tools needed to use what they learn. The material covers declarations, initialization, and scoping; flow control; API contents; concurrency; object-oriented concepts; collections/generics; and fundamentals. The interactive CD-ROM features chapter review questions, two bonus exams, a series of flashcards that can be used on PCs or handheld devices, and an e-book.

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Cisco Network Professional’s Advanced Internetworking Guide

Cisco Network ProfessionalCisco Network Professional’s Advanced Internetworking Guide

Patrick J. Conlan

ISBN: 978-8-126-52135-7

Paperback/ 884 pages / INR 599/-

June 2009


Ideal for any IT professional who uses Cisco technologies on a daily basis, or anyone who is preparing for their Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification.

This book is a key component for any IT professional preparing for their CCNP certification, as it covers in-depth the topics tested on in all four CCNP exams:

  • Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks (642-901)
  • Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks (642-812)
  • Implementing Secure Converged Wide Area Networks (642-825)
  • Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks (642-485)


Internet has become a critical and vital component of everday life for businesses and individuals. The volume of content, use of video, VoIP, social networking sites and the expectations for all those who communicate over the Internet are driving a new set of network architecture, operations and maintenance challenges for today’s service providers. Building scalable networks that can address these new challenges and operating these networks in a profitable manner require a leading-edge IP skill set.

Alcatel-Lucent’s Network Routing Specialist I Certification (NRS I) from the Service Routing Certification Program equips individuals to begin this IP network transition. With Alcatel-Lucent, Wiley Publishing has produced ALCATEL-LUCENT SCALABLE IP NETWORKS SELF-STUDY GUIDE: PREPARING FOR THE NETWORK ROUTING SPECIALIST (NRS 1) CERTIFICATION EXAM (4A0-100) (Wiley India; August 2009; INR 699) to prepare individuals for this industry leading IP certification.

The official self-study guide for the Alcatel-Lucent NRS I Certification, this book provides readers with the introductory knowledge required to work successfully in an IP/MPLS and Carrier Ethernet environment that delivers consumer and business services. network designers and operators with these foundation skills. Visit to learn more about the Alcatel-Lucent



After reading this book, individuals will be able to:

-describe the purpose and operation of common layer 2 technologies -describe the IP forwarding process

– develop an IP address plan using IP Subnetting and address summarization – explain the characteristics of dynamic routing protocols and configure basic IP routing using OSPF and BGP

– explain the operation of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

– describe MPLS and how it is used for Layer 2 and Layer 3 services Responding to our current and future communication requirements in a very competitive landscape requires leading edge IP skills.

The ALCATEL-LUCENT SCALABLE IP NETWORKS SELF-STUDY GUIDE is an essential tool to equip Lucent Service Routing Certification Program.